Speak Greek MOOC

Welcome, to Speak Greek MOOC! 

Is this course for you?

  • Are you planning to visit Greece? In this course, you will learn to communicate in greek, read and write greek text.  Thus when visiting Greece you will be able to connect with greek people. You will be better prepared for the journey of your life. Prepared to feel the magic. To touch the greek culture.
  • Do you love greek culture and literature and want to read, write and speak some greek? In this course, you will learn about greek philosophers, history, and lands. You will be able to read greek from the original text.

How does this course work?

  • Lessons are grouped into eight units, one per week. If you complete each unit in one week then you can finish this course in 2 months. You can also have your own pace.
  • Every unit consists of three lessons: grammar, vocabulary, and conversations. You can find exercises in every lesson.
  • The entire course is in greek. Anytime you need to translate some text in your language in order to understand and complete the exercises, please use the google translation tool you can find on every course page.

Is there a certificate of accomplishment?

In the eighteenth unit, you will find a final assessment. After successfully completing this assessment you will earn the Elementary Greek Certification.

Is there a registration process?

This MOOC is under construction now. You can register and you will be notified for the beginning.

See you in the MOOC!