2. Nouns: Gender - Plural

Nouns can be either masculine or feminine or, neuter in gender. It is not about men, women, and things. 

We can understand the gender from the article and the ending of the word.

Masculine (single and plural)

  • ο δρόμος, οι δρόμοι (road, roads)
  • ο άνδρας, οι άνδρες (man, men)
  • ο χάρακας, οι χάρακες (ruler, rulers)

Feminine (single and plural)

  • η θάλασσα, οι θάλασσες (sea, seas)
  • η πηγή, οι πηγές (sourse, sources)
  • η γυναίκα, οι γυναίκες (woman, women)

Neuter (single and plural)

  • το παιδί, τα παιδιά (kid, kids)
  • το δένδρο, τα δένδρα (tree, trees)
  • το πιάτο, τα πιάτα (plate, plates)